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6 special Christmas activities for children not to be missed

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, especially for the young believers in the house. As families around the world welcome the holiday season, kids and adults alike can enjoy timeless Christmas classics. Grab a hot chocolate, don pajamas, and prepare for many cozy nights by the fire with these must-have Christmas entertainments for kids.

Once upon a time Mickey’s Christmas

mickey mouse christmas special

Since 1928, Mickey Mouse has been teaching children the value of friendship, integrity and teamwork. In 1999, the adorable Disney mascot shared the same sentiment in Once upon a time Mickey’s Christmas. Its sequel, Mickey was twice a Christmas, was released in 2004, but nothing beats the original.

This heartfelt anthology features the following stories: Donald Duck: Stuck at Christmas (with Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey and Louie), A very crazy Christmas (with Goofy, Max, Pete and the Beagle Boys) and Mickey and Minnie Mages Gift (with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto).

At the height of children’s animation, these animated feature films teach kids that the real meaning of Christmas lies in its ability to bring families together. It emphasizes the importance of showing love and gratitude to others and acting altruistically for those in need.

Once upon a time Mickey’s Christmas can be enjoyed on Disney + with a stable internet connection and a monthly subscription. Alternatively, it can be rented or purchased from Amazon Prime Video.

Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale

Christmas special

Starring Jerry as the Nutcracker and Tom as one of the Mouse King’s henchmen, Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (2007) is a semi-adaptation of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by ETA Hoffmann. For its DVD and Blu-ray special edition, it has been associated with Tom and Jerry: Santa’s little helpers.

Its premise follows Jerry, who watches the annual Christmas ballet, and the forces of magic bring the toys that accompany him to life. Its impact transforms the empty stage into a winter wonderland and brings Le Petite Ballerina to life. In addition, Jerry dances with The Little Ballerina and feasts on the toys. Hearing the festivities, Tom and the other alley cats plunder the feast and trap the toys.

Additionally, The Little Ballerina is captured and presented to the King of Cats, who asks her to dance for him. She refuses. Jerry and his accomplices are shot with cannons, far from the scene. After a hectic adventure, the toys prepare an uprising to overthrow the King of Cats and restore peace.

This action packed triumph in children’s animation pays homage to a well-known ballet. The Christmas special, Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale, can be found on HBO Max. Besides, Santa’s little helpers can be streamed on Prime Video.

Winnie the Pooh: a very happy Winnie the Pooh year

Winnie the Pooh has a special place in all of our hearts. The film features the 1991 Christmas TV special, Winnie the Pooh and Christmas too, as well as the short film from 2002, Happy new year teddy bear.

Additionally, the hour-long special sees the return of some familiar faces in Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo, Eeyore, and Christopher Robin. Its plot revolves around Winnie the Pooh on Christmas Eve as he struggles to put up his Christmas tree. All of his friends come to visit him and help Pooh decorate his tree. An argument with Rabbit leads to great tension and frustration. Rabbit threatens to move, furious that his friends are themselves clumsy. Subsequently, in an attempt to solve the problem, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore change their personalities.

When an endangered rabbit is nearly kidnapped by bees, his friends unite to save him. Eventually, Rabbit sees the error of his ways and reconciles with his friends. Later, Pooh and his company sing “Auld Lang Syne” to celebrate the New Year.

Winnie the Pooh reigns supreme in the world of children’s animation, but its two-part Christmas specials, Winnie the Pooh and Christmas too and Happy new year teddy bear are essential. Both specials can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video.

Shrek the halls

Christmas special children's entertainment

Dream works’ Shrek the Halls premiered on ABC in November 2007. Lasting just half an hour, the Christmas special takes place between Shrek the third and Forever shrek. As with the other Shrek animations, this TV show was based on the 1990 children’s book, Shrek! by William Steig.

Shrek promises to give Princess Fiona a special Christmas surprise at Donkey’s insistence. Knowing nothing about Christmas, Shrek hopes to find a present for Fiona by visiting Far’s bookstore, Far Away. Instead, the merchant gives Shrek a copy of Christmas for the idiots of the village, a step-by-step guide to celebrating the holidays. According to the suggestions listed in the book, Shrek decorates the house and procures a tree.

When Puss, Gingy, Donkey and co. show up unexpectedly, Shrek’s surprise plans are ruined. Later, an argument ensues in which Shrek kicks his friends, including Donkey, out of the house. With their Christmas spirit ruined, Fiona is upset by Shrek’s behavior and leaves with the Ogre Triplets. Shrek, apologizing for his behavior, catches up with his friends and shows remorse for his actions. Finally, they return to the swamp and Shrek tells his own version of “The Night Before Christmas”, posing as the Ogre Claus.

Shrek the halls, the Christmas special that emphasizes the importance of friendship and togetherness, is available to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Kung Fu Panda Vacation

Christmas special children's entertainment

Kung Fu Panda Vacation premiered on NBC in November 2010. As a spin-off of the Kung Fu Panda franchise, it features all the voices of the original ensemble, including Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, and Dustin Hoffman.

Master Shifu instructs Po to organize the annual Winter Festival at the Jade Palace. All Kung Fu masters from all over China attend this formal event. Her father, Mr. Ping, refuses to deal with the event and adamantly stays at the noodle restaurant to feed the locals. Afterward, Po is forced to enlist the help of the Furious Five in preparing the feast.

Guilty, Po apologizes for the feast and returns to the noodle restaurant to help his father cook for the townspeople. Mr. Ping expresses his gratitude and apologizes for being unfair to his son in prioritizing his more important responsibilities. Shifu is at first mortified that everyone has given up on the feast, but he soon realizes that Po had created a happy and inclusive atmosphere.

This Christmas special from Dreamworks remains a popular addition thematic short films in children’s entertainment. Kung Fu Panda Vacation is available to stream on Netflix.

How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

Christmas special children's entertainment

Broadcast in December 2019, How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming takes place during the time jump at the end of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. It sees the return of Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless and newcomers, Light Fury and Night Lights.

As New Berk prepares for Snoggletog, Hiccup and Astrid’s children develop a fear of dragons after reading Stoick’s old books. Astrid suggests bringing back the Snoggletog Pageant to tell how the Vikings and the dragons made peace. Meanwhile, in The Hidden World, Toothless and his wife Light Fury discover that their children, the Night Lights, are missing. Night lights had flown to New Berk to learn more about Hiccup and the Vikings.

Gobber accidentally sets the stage on fire during the performance. In a heartwarming moment, Toothless ends the contest with Hiccup by re-enacting the moment he befriends Hiccup in How to train your dragon. Subsequently, Zephyr, the daughter of Hiccups, comes face to face with Toothless and develops a new appreciation for dragons.

How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming is available to watch on Hulu.

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