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It’s recess time for children of all levels. A new play area at the Penfield Children’s Center provides easy access for children with disabilities.

“Inclusion is really, really important for kids from a young age as they start to understand what the world is like,” said Chris Holmes, President and CEO.

The Children’s Center focuses on creating a safe and inclusive environment for children from birth to seven years old, especially people with disabilities.

“To make sure everyone has equal access, we start this at this very young age,” said Holmes.

This playground has been designed for all children.

“They have their garages, they have their basketballs, they have different types of sensory experiences for this playground,” Holmes said.

Playground for all levels of the Penfield Children's Center

Playground for all levels of the Penfield Children’s Center

Each play area is wheelchair accessible, offers different texture activities, and there’s even a designated area for toddlers.

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It really is a play area for everyone.

It is important to note that the playground is only open to children registered with the Penfield Children’s Center, for the sake of children’s health and the sanitation of the facilities.

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