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Amare Global launches campaign to benefit Children’s Center Utah

Amare Global announced that it will automatically begin rounding the total of each first order from new customers and partners to the nearest dollar as part of a donation to Children’s Center Utah. These donations will not incur any additional costs to customers or distributors and will be paid on behalf of Amare, but existing customers and partners will also have the opportunity to round up their orders and donate to the charity.

“I can’t think of a better reason to raise money than to support the emotional well-being of children,” said Jared Turner, CEO of Amare Global and a member of the Children’s Center Utah board of directors. “This year, we wanted to go one step further and elevate what it means to share love by creating this new giving program and we are thrilled to partner with Children’s Center Utah.”

This philanthropic initiative, called Round Up For Love, will help ensure that children and families who need the centre’s comprehensive mental health services can access them, whether or not they can afford the care themselves.

“We are very passionate about the mental well-being of children,” said Hiep Tran, Founder and President of Amare Global. “They are the future and we must do our part as The Mental Wellness Company to invest in the next generation. We have launched our Round Up for Love program so that our community can also partner with us to support this initiative. I believe we can make a huge difference in the mental well-being of children together. “

The Children’s Center Utah not only offers clinical services, but also mental health counseling for infants and young children.

“Our teams share a core value and that value is LOVE,” said Rebecca Dutson, President and CEO of Children’s Center Utah. “These resources will help our team provide first-rate, trauma-informed, evidence-based mental health services to children and families, as well as train early childhood service providers across the country. State. We look forward to a wonderful partnership with the Amare team to help us change the lives of the children and families we work with and share our love for their well-being.

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