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Benefis to open new center for women and children in Great Falls

GREAT FALLS – The new Benefis Health System Women’s and Children’s Center in Great Falls will open on Monday, December 20 as a one-stop-shop.

The ground was inaugurated on the three-story, 48,000-square-foot facility in May 2020.

It will serve as an outpatient center for women and children; each of the three floors of the building will be dedicated to a specific purpose: first floor – basic laboratory services, screening mammography and pediatric therapy; second floor – pediatrics; third floor – women’s health.

It’s something the hospital has worked for years to create.

Kaci Husted, Vice President of Communications and Business Development at Benefis, explained, “There was definitely a feeling in the community that they would like a center like this where everything is located together. “


Kaci Husted

Until now, the care of women and children provided by Benefis has been spread over several buildings in different parts of the city.

Husted said, “For us it’s about tailoring growth across our organization. We have experienced growth in new service lines as well as some of our other services. So when we move all of these services into one building, it will create opportunities. for us to fill some of the slots for some of our other specialties that have developed.

The installation also takes into account the use by medical students of the current medical school, and potential future needs.

“These students will have a dedicated workspace and they won’t have to congregate in a vendor’s office or an empty nurse station area,” Husted said. “” One of the things we identified when designing this center was that our market needed more midwifery services. In fact, we have already added these services. “

Benefis Health System Women's and Children's Center in Great Falls


Benefis Health System Women’s and Children’s Center in Great Falls

The hospital estimates that the facility will serve tens of thousands of people in the hospital’s approximately 40,000 square mile service area.

It is located near the intersection of 10th Avenue South and 26th Street.

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