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Child health experts warn air pollution harms children’s health

Unicef ​​UK today warned that the level of air pollution in the UK is damaging children’s health. The warning comes as child health experts say parents and families worry worryingly ignoring the dangers posed by the UK’s toxic air.

Public concern too low

According to a joint survey by Unicef ​​UK and the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, 92% of child health experts believe the public should be more concerned about the negative impact of air pollution on the body. children’s health.

Charity said that public awareness of damage effects air pollution in childrenhealth is weakly disturbing, and that people should be better equipped to protect themselveselves from its harmful effects.

Child health experts who finished The survey indicated that this low level of public awareness is the result of a lack of publicly available information on the health effects of toxic air, which prevents people from taking preventative measures.

According to the survey, less than 20% of those surveyed believe that there is enough guidance and information for patients, and only 30% said that healthcare professionals have adequate information to educate and inform the public.

During this time, 88% child health experts warn that toxic air is already causing health problems for children in their area, and more than 90% think the government should prioritize action on air pollution.

Action needed now

The warning comes after the government released its air quality strategy last month. In the strategy, the government announced its intention to set a more ambitious long-term goal to reduce people’s exposure to PM2.5 – the particles most dangerous to health. While the government has said it will review measures that should be taken to meet World Health Organization guidelines on air pollution limits, BiHF believes we need tighter limits now.

Speaking of the harmful impact of air pollution on health, our CEO Simon Gillespie, said:

“Unacceptable levels of air pollution pose an extraordinary risk to millions of children across the country, and could put thousands of people at risk for heart and circulatory disease in the years to come.

“Air pollution is currently responsible for 36,000 deaths in the UK each year, with heart disease being the leading cause. If we are to improve this dire situation, it is essential that the government adopts the World Health Organization’s stricter limits on air pollution. Without urgent action now, children’s health could be compromised for years to come. “


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