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Legacy Children’s Center is a promise kept

The official opening of a new daycare center in Landmark was a dream come true and a promise kept for the Plett family.

Merrilee, daughter of Marilyn Plett said, the completion of this project has been a long time coming.

Marilyn Ruth Plett 1950-2019 “It has been under construction for several years. It’s a pretty complicated story. In 2016, Heartland Community Church in Landmark was looking into the possibility of hosting a daycare in the building, and they tasked my mother, Marilyn, to put together a team to study the feasibility and start making a plan. While they were sort of putting everything in place, in January 2019 my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. In the months that followed, my mom and dad talked to the rest of the family about what it means to leave a legacy in the community, as community work has always been so important to both of them. So we decided, as a family, that we would continue my mother’s work and that we would also put in the initial capital to build a new building that could house the center.

In September 2020, the Manitoba government announced it would allocate $ 286,705 for the facility, which helped move the project forward. Plett continues,

“Then, through fundraising and the immense support of the community, we raised enough money and now we have a brand new building and we have opened our center! “

The Legacy Children’s Center has 32 spaces and is located at the north end of the Heartland Community Church parking lot. The building is attached to the church and therefore has access to the kitchen and the gymnasium if needed.

Plett says the whole project represents the larger community working together. See a need and step in to help and really be there for each other.

“Looking at where we’re from and the promise we made to my mom to do this, we know she will be very proud of us. “

Thanks to the efforts of a Landmark family, construction of a brand new daycare is just around the corner.


Marilyn Plett passed away on April 10, 2019, surrounded by her husband and family.

The Legacy Children’s Center has been open since July 2021 and its official opening took place on October 2.

Learn more about Marilyn and her husband, Lloyd Plett and their years of involvement in the Landmark community.

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