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Local school systems tackle Tik Tok trend of violence

LAFAYETTE PARISH, Louisiana (KLFY) – There is another Tik Tok trend spreading on social media that encourages students to act violently in their schools on Friday, December 17th.

The Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS) sent a message to parents about the trend and asking them to teach their children about the consequences of threatening violence.

The message is as follows:

Dear parents and guardians of the Lafayette school system:

LPSS is aware of a national TikTok trend threatening gun violence in schools tomorrow, December 17, 2021. While there are no credible threats to any of our schools, LPSS continues to work with law enforcement to monitor social media posts and determine if they deserve.

Knowing that a bad choice or an impulsive choice can ruin a young person’s life, I would like to personally ask for your help in educating your child about the serious consequences of particular school behaviors. The following points are important to discuss with your child:

  • Threats of violence or terrorism (Definition)
  • All threats will be taken seriously and will result in a recommendation for deportation. This includes social media posts, written or verbal threats, or physical gestures indicating a threat (i.e. hand gestures).
  • Any student who utters a violent threat, seriously disrupts the operation of a school, or makes people fear for their safety will continue to be held accountable and prosecuted to the extent possible.

LPSS expects safe and orderly learning environments, as well as the safety of school leaders, teachers and students.

The school board implores parents to remind their children that they are responsible for what they communicate – verbally or in writing, threatening or posting about other students, staff or a school. LPSS also encourages parents to monitor their children’s social media.

We have seen an increase in the number of students facing serious disciplinary action due to social media posts that violate the LPSS Code of Conduct. It is unfortunate that students are making choices that have such dire consequences. Due to the seriousness of the consequences imposed on students due to social media posts, parents are advised to monitor their child’s social media platforms. Very often, parents are not aware of the posts their child creates, participates, posts or shares.

The LPSS said its number one priority is for teaching and learning to take place in safe and orderly environments and for students who interfere with this or cause heightened anxiety to be disciplined.

Any type of threat should be reported immediately to school staff and law enforcement so that it can be fully investigated. Students and parents are urged to refrain from sharing information that has not been released by LPSS or law enforcement, as misinformation causes more confusion and anxiety.

Although the majority of our students regularly make wise and appropriate choices, it is our responsibility to educate everyone about the importance of making good choices and the consequences associated with making bad choices.

Parents are strongly encouraged to have meaningful conversations with their children about appropriate school behavior so that they can stay in school. Parents who feel their child needs more social / emotional support should contact their child’s teacher, principal or school counselor.

All previous quotes attributed to LPSS Superintendent Irma Trosclair

To ensure the safety of the school, law enforcement and LPSS staff will continue to be present on school campuses – and will be on alert for any inappropriate behavior.

The Vermilion Parish School Board (VPSB) has also responded to the trend. The VPSB says it will monitor social media posts and has no reason to believe problems are expected for the Vermilion Parish campuses.

The VPSB will also mark any absence with an extenuating circumstances code.

The VPSB is aware of a nationwide Tik Tok trend that threatens violence in schools on December 17, 2021. While there is no credible threat to our schools, we want you to know that we continue to monitor social media posts for any element of merit.

We have no reason to believe problems are predicted for our campuses and want to reassure parents that we have systems in place to keep students safe.

If, however, you and your child feel that it is in your best interests to stay off campus tomorrow, we will report all absences tomorrow with a code of extenuating circumstances.

Again, we have no reason to believe that any problems will arise on our campus, but you can ultimately make the decision which is best for you and your family.

Thomas J. Byler, VPSB Superintendent

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