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Overlook Medical Center marks completion of Hersh Children’s Center

State-of-the-art facility brings together inpatient and emergency pediatric care under one roof

The Overlook Medical Center in Summit, part of the Atlantic Health System, on Thursday marked the completion of the Hersh Children’s Center, a newly constructed facility that centralizes the hospital’s pediatric emergency and inpatient services. in a practical space suitable for families.

“We are honored to finally be able to provide our young patients and their families with the highest quality care in a space designed especially for them,” said Stephanie Schwartz, President of Overlook Medical Center. “This state-of-the-art facility provides us with a home for the future of pediatric care in Overlook – a home that truly complements the experienced care team and cutting-edge technology that serve our patients at Overlook.”

Hospital officials were joined by donors, local officials and other supporters in a ceremony Thursday to mark the center’s recent completion. The new center, including the pediatric emergency department, is expected to start treating patients in the coming weeks.

The nearly 12,000 square foot new center brings together the Meri and Sol Barer Pediatric Inpatient Center (formerly located on the sixth floor of Overlook) and the Michael Gordon Reeves Pediatric Emergency Department, for better coordination of patient care aged 0 to 21.

“This combined and innovative approach to pediatric care is one of the few of its kind in the northern NJ region,” said Walter Rosenfeld, MD, president of pediatrics at Overlook Medical Center and medical director of children’s health for the Atlantic health system. “By bringing together the pediatric emergency and inpatient departments, we can significantly reduce the time between an emergency department visit and an inpatient room for children requiring hospitalization. It will also improve continuity of care by having clinical teams dedicated to patients upon entry, at every stage of their experience. “

When it comes to pediatric emergencies, the new pediatric emergency department is fully equipped to handle the full range of pediatric conditions, with streamlined care to relieve family stress.

For patients who need a stay, the new inpatient unit offers special comforting touches like bedrooms for parents, family lounges and a play area with skylights and numerous windows.

In addition, the new center includes the following:

  • Nine inpatient rooms, including two isolation rooms and Liam’s room for patients with severe chronic or life-threatening illnesses
  • Eight emergency rooms staffed with pediatric emergency physicians, pediatric subspecialists and pediatric nurses
  • A flexible room for emergency department patients or inpatients
  • Accommodation in rooms for parents to spend the night with their children
  • Numerous structural and design elements to improve the safety, comfort and safety of patients and families

The Hersh Children’s Center is seamlessly connected to 100 pediatric specialists who provide cutting-edge expertise, both to Overlook and across the Atlantic healthcare system.

The Hersh Children’s Center is funded in part by a $ 2 million grant from the Dorothy B. Hersh Foundation. Established in 1979 in response to the wishes of the late Dorothy B. Hersh, The Hersh Foundation provides capital investment grants to benefit hundreds of thousands of children throughout New Jersey. “The Children’s Center is a project that is close to our hearts,” said Harriet Donnelly, Trustee of the Hersh Foundation. “We are delighted to partner with Overlook on a project that will raise the standard of pediatric emergency and inpatient care in our region. “

A $ 2.5 million pledge from the Nicholas J. and Anna K. Bouras Foundation funded the move of the Michael Gordon Reeves pediatric emergency department, as well as additional emergency rooms for adults.

The Hersh Children’s Center is the latest phase of a hospital transformation plan, which includes new structures, redesigned spaces and additional improvements. Before the children’s center, Overlook opened its new parking lot for employees, as well as its new entrance for the Bouras emergency department. The enlarged wings of the 7th and 8th floors of Overlook were completed and opened in 2020, with the new wing on the 7th floor, 7 East, temporarily used as a dedicated COVID treatment unit during the state designated health emergency .

In the midst of the pandemic, hospital construction officials implemented another innovation – reengineering the ventilation systems, giving the facility the ability to use outside air for full circulation in the hospital. Hersh Children’s Center and Bouras Emergency Department.

These and other phases of the improvement plan are funded by generous donations to the Overlook Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports the hospital.

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