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Parental Divorce and Family Stress May Affect Children’s Health: Study

Excessive stress can be bad for you and your family, especially your little one. If you are going through a stressful event in your life, there is a good chance it will affect your child. Constantly fighting with your spouse or arguing repeatedly can have a negative impact on your child’s brain. According to experts, even prenatal stress can have an effect on your baby’s mental health. Stress during pregnancy puts pressure on the fetus. This can lead to complications during childbirth and developmental problems in the newborn. A study recently conducted and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences explains that children who see their parents separate can take a hit on their mental health. “The fallout appears to harm their health for decades, even into adulthood,” AFP reported.

Experts found that children whose separated parents did not keep in touch were more likely to get sick than children whose separated parents kept in touch. Family stress during childhood can influence a child’s susceptibility to the disease 20 to 40 years later.

Many previous studies have investigated the concept of “mirror neurons” as to why a baby smiles at you when you smile. Children therefore also have the ability to reflect parental or family stress. It can become an active part of their personality. According to Daphne Hernandez and her team at the University of Houston, “Experiencing family stress – particularly family disruption and financial stress – repeatedly throughout childhood was associated with being overweight or obese at the time. where the teenage girls were 18 ”.

There is a great deal of documented evidence supporting the association between childhood stress and health problems in children. While some repercussions may start to show in childhood – irritability, mood swings, depression, poor academic performance, antisocial behavior, aggression – others may appear later in life.

Contributions from IANS, PTI and AFP

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