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Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath visits Charlotte Sharp Children’s Center, hopes to replicate success | Education

Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath visited the Charlotte Sharp Children’s Center in College Station on Monday, following the training and examining how similar teaching models can be implemented statewide.

“When you think about a lot of what we do in the early years space, it’s not just about how the school system works,” Morath said, “but it’s several entities that come together to ensuring that an entire community has the best possible resources for its children, which is exactly what we see here.

The goal of his tour, he said, was to see the learning environment created at the school and the practices that have been implemented since the school opened in 2020. A feature remarkable, he noted, was a hallway that allows people to see and hear. what happens in a classroom without interrupting learning.

“One of the things you see here that is extremely rare in most preschool settings is the emphasis on teacher development, teacher training,” he said. “You can actually walk and physical partitions are put in place so that you can walk behind some kind of double-glazed window, listen to what is going on in the classroom, discuss with your colleagues what is going on in the classroom. , see the practice happening in real time, then you can then rotate right into the classroom and start modeling that. “

The practices work for both future teachers and current teachers who continue to advance in their careers.

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