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The Asthma Family Tree: Evaluating Associations Between Childhood, Parental, and Grandparent Asthma in Seven Chinese Cities

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Pediatrician before October 27, 2021; 9: 720273. doi: 10.3389 / fped.2021.720273. Electronic collection 2021.


Goal: To assess the associations between childhood, parental and grandparent asthma. Methods : We studied 59,484 randomly selected children from 94 preschools, elementary schools and colleges in seven Chinese cities from 2012 to 2013, using a study design based on a cross-sectional survey. Information on their asthmatic status and that of their family members (parents, paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents) has been reported by the parents or guardians of the children. Mixed-effect logistic regressions were used to assess hereditary asthma patterns and a mediation analysis was performed to estimate the potential mediated effect of parents on the association between grandparent asthma and grandparent asthma. childhood asthma. Results: The magnitude of ORs for childhood asthma increased as the number of family members affected by asthma increased. Among children with a family member asthma, childhood asthma was associated with asthma in maternal grandmothers (OR: 2.08, 95% CI: 1.67-2.59), maternal grandfathers (OR: 2.08, 95% CI: 1.71-2.53), paternal grandmothers (OR: 2.40, 95% CI: 1.93-2.99) and paternal grandfathers (OR: 2.59, 95% CI: 2.14 to 3.13). Among children with two family members with asthma, the highest asthma risk was observed when both parents had asthma (OR: 15.92, 95% CI: 4.66-54, 45). Parents had a low proportion of mediating effect (9-12%) on the association between grandparent asthma and childhood asthma. Conclusion: Asthmatic grandparents were associated with childhood asthma and asthmatic parents partially mediated the association.

PMID:34778126 | PMC:PMC8579020 | DO I:10.3389 / fped.2021.720273

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