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The effect of Covid on those vaccinated supported by science

Experts are urging the public to get vaccinated despite the latest study showing that fully vaccinated people were only 30% protected against the highly transmissible but benign Omicron virus.

Earlier this week, Discovery released its analysis of the omicron outbreak, based on 78,000 Covid test results in South Africa.

South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Chairman Professor Glenda Gray said they felt encouraged by the results of Discovery Health’s analysis.

“It is extremely important to be able to demonstrate to the public that in a real context – in the presence of a new variant of highly transmissible Covid – the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine offers good protection against serious illness and hospitalization. “

As of December 17, the cumulative number of identified Covid-19 cases in South Africa was 3,276,529, with 20,713 new cases reported. 35 additional deaths brought the total number of deaths to 90,297. The total number of recoveries was 2,975,417 and 27,496,599 vaccines had been administered.

The Director of the South African Vaccine and Immunization Center Professor Hannelie Meyer said we need to remember that the primary purpose of all vaccines given from childhood to old age is to protect against serious disease and death, thereby reducing suffering and improving the quality of life.

“Over the past 12 months, science has clearly shown that Covid vaccines are effective in protecting against serious illness and death,” she said.

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