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The Kevin & Brittany Kisner Foundation pledges $ 5.3 million to Georgia Children’s Hospital

AUGUSTA, Georgia. The Kevin & Brittany Kisner Foundation pledged $ 5.3 million to Georgia Children’s Hospital to help establish a pediatric behavioral health and wellness center at Georgia’s second largest children’s hospital.

Children’s health is a major goal for the Kisner Foundation, a non-profit organization started by the natives of Aiken and PGA Golfer Kevin Kisner and his wife Brittany, who worked at the Georgia Children’s Hospital from 2009 to 2012 as a Speech Therapist. During this time, “I saw children who needed various services. There was a need for developmental pediatricians and more comprehensive care, ”said Brittany Kisner.

Almost one in five children suffers from a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder, such as anxiety or depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), disruptive behavior disorder or Gilles syndrome de la Tourette, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control. and Prevention. Children with these disorders benefit from early diagnosis and treatment, but only about 20% of children have access to the specialized care they need, reports the CDC.

“Children have a hard time. Behavioral and mental health issues were there before the pandemic, and they have only intensified, ”said Dr Valera Hudson, Chief Pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia and Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics for the Georgia Medical College To Augusta University. “With the help of the Kisner Foundation, we are trying to bridge this gap, bringing everything together in a comprehensive program, so families can get the diagnosis, care, treatment and all the services they need in one. place.”

The Pediatric Behavioral Health and Welfare Center will offer a multidisciplinary approach to care based on the needs of each child, such as testing and assessment; referral to psychotherapy, counseling or other mental health services, in collaboration with the MCG Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy; social workers and nursing support to help coordinate care; and connect parents and families with ancillary support services.

“We really want to focus on the child as a whole,” said Brittany Kisner. “By supporting pediatric behavioral health and wellness at Georgia Children’s Hospital, we can help ensure families have access to the vital resources their children need to grow up and become successful adults. This is our mission at the Kisner Foundation, ”she said.

“Seeing their passion and commitment to helping children has only heightened the hope that I have,” said Dr. Hudson.

“If we don’t make change at a young age, then what are we even doing here? Said Kevin Kisner. “If we can all pull together our strengths and everyone supports an agenda that will affect most of our society, then this is a win for everyone.”

The Kisner Foundation presented a check for $ 50,000 to the Georgia Children’s Hospital in December 2020 as part of the same initiative.

“We are deeply moved by the compassion and continued generosity of Kevin and Brittany Kisner, as well as the Kisner Foundation and their friends,” said Katrina Keefer, CEO of AU Health System, who manages the Georgia Nonprofit Children’s Hospital. “We look forward to working together to cultivate this approach to holistic health care for children and families to foster a bright future for generations. “


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