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The Ministry of Education publishes an advisory on gambling habits

The Indian Ministry of Education has published an advisory on children’s online gambling habits: The online gaming industry has grown exponentially in India, especially when it comes to games for mobile platforms. The game has become more and more popular among the Indian audience, especially the younger generation. This comes with a downside as well, as we see a large number of cases related to gaming addiction, huge in-app purchases and other such damaging incidents increasing rapidly over the past few years.

To address this issue, the Indian government’s Department of Education has issued a notice for parents and teachers. It gives a brief introduction to how the intricate structure and challenges provided by games appeal to audiences, especially children. There is also a list of guidelines that adults should follow to prevent their children from developing a gambling addiction which in turn can develop into a serious gambling disorder.

Things you shouldn’t allow children to do:

  • Do not allow them to purchase in-game items without your consent. Use OTP payment methods on your mobile to stop this.
  • You can limit the amount and number of transactions your child can make while playing.
  • Prevent your kids from downloading software and games from untrusted sources on the internet.
  • Don’t allow them to buy anything directly from their own mobile or laptop.
  • Advise them not to give out their private information and other sensitive information on the Internet during gambling or other online activities.
  • Prevent them from playing games continuously for long hours. Advise them to take breaks in between to reduce the negative impact on their health.
  • Instruct them never to interact with strangers during play or on the Internet. You should also tell them to never show their face or provide personal information. This can increase their chances of being blackmailed, intimidated or scammed.

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The Indian Ministry of Education has published an advisory on children’s online gambling habits:

India’s Ministry of Education released notice on children’s online gambling habits

Things you can allow your child to do under your supervision:

  • Teach your child to take a screenshot on their smartphone or laptop whenever something is wrong with them. Use this evidence to report the problem to the appropriate authorities.
  • You need to use a good antivirus program that can protect your child’s device from viruses, spyware, and other online threats.
  • Select this avatar or name in the game for your child who can keep their identity anonymous.
  • You must enable parental control settings on the device before giving it to your children.
  • Make sure your child is playing games that are appropriate for their age.
  • Notify the appropriate authorities if a stranger communicates with your child and inappropriately requests their personal information.
  • If your child is being bullied, ask them not to respond and just take screenshots of the incident. Report this behavior to the administrator while disabling or blocking your child’s in-game account user.
  • Take some time and play online games with your children that they love. This will help you understand their tastes and how they interact with other users online.
  • Talk to your child about the monetary and addictive qualities of games like loot play, gambling, etc. Talk to her about the effects these features have on her online and offline life.
  • Make sure your child is accessing the internet from a home computer that you can easily check.
  • Don’t forget to watch out for these red flags:
    • Unusual secretive behavior when asked about their online activity
    • A sudden increase in the time they spend online, especially on social media platforms
    • They seem to change screens on their device in a hurry when you approach them.
    • They become withdrawn or angry after using the Internet or texting online.
    • Their device suddenly has many new phone numbers and email contacts that you don’t recognize.

Here are a few things teachers can do for their students as well:

  • Keep an eye out for declining grades and students’ social behavior. Try to have a friendly and light conversation with them about it.
  • If they observe anything suspicious or alarming, they should immediately notify the school authorities.
  • Teachers should ensure that children are regularly informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet.
  • Teachers should also train their students in the secure setup of web browsers and web applications. They should also teach them the rules to follow when accessing the Internet or playing games.

If there are any unfortunate incidents your child is facing regarding online gambling and addiction, the Department of Education has provided the following links to report the issues to the appropriate authorities.

National helpline:

Nodal State Officers-

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