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Townhouses planned in the old Fir Grove children’s center

The property that once housed the Fir Grove Children’s Center is being considered by developer Ginn Group, who wants to build 84 adjoining multi-family townhouses on the site.

Ginn Group plans to buy the Vancouver Public Schools property before the end of the year and start demolishing and doing “dirt work” on the property by next summer, the founder said and CEO Patrick Ginn. The developer submitted its plans to the city of Vancouver for review this week.

Townhouses will meet the overwhelming demand for housing for working families living in Vancouver, Ginn said. At least 20%, or about 16 units, of townhouses will fall into an affordable housing category, and the developer will receive tax relief as part of the city’s multi-family housing tax exemption.

Ginn is also working to make other townhouses affordable, he said, but rising construction costs during the pandemic present a challenge.

Two buildings are on the land Ginn is seeking to develop: the former Fir Grove Children’s Center, which was recently moved and renamed the Jim Tangeman Center; and a single family home on the property which will also be demolished. The properties cover a combined area of ​​4.44 acres at 2920 and 2902 Falk Road, near Burnt Bridge Creek Park.

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