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Toxic Levels of Lead Found in Kids’ Auto Racing Kit

NEW YORK (WWTI) – Consumers in New York City are being warned of high lead levels attributed to a children’s running suit. The New York State Division of Consumer Protection announced Tuesday, December 21, that the Super Car racing car package has a lead level that exceeds federal lead safety standards, ultimately posing a risk to children .

The Division said lead is a harmful metal that can cause serious health problems, but is particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women. Ingestion or handling of lead may result in exposure to lead. Medical researchers have found that exposure to lead can trigger learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children.

According to the DCP, this set was found to have toxic levels of lead after the Division randomly selected nine toys to test for the substances. Test results indicated that the black undercarriage of each of the eight toy cards in the Super Car Racing set contained 140 ppm of lead, exceeding the maximum of 100 ppm.

After receiving this test result, the DCP confirmed that it contacted the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to further investigate and remove this toy from county shelves.

The DCP also sent letters to Cosmos at Colonie Center Mall in Albany, NY, the retailer, and to Cathay Depot Inc., which manufactures and imports this toy produced in China, to review the lab results and remove the Super Car Game. of racing cars in the market.

The Super Car Racing Car assembly may be disposed of by throwing it away, or consumers may wish to put it aside in a safe place and wait for possible future recall instructions, which may or may not include a refund item.

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